As a member of the South of England Irish Setter Club you can benefit from a wealth of breed specific help and advice. By joining you can associate with people from all walks of life and their Irish Setters.

Share experiences and extend knowledge of the breed with other members, many of whom have kept Setters for over 40 years.

Two shows are held each year, one open and one championship, and additionally the club organises a variety of educational and social occasions.

Each year the Club produces printed inserts, with photographs and pedigrees, of all the previous year's Show Champions which brings up to date and compliments our "Book of Show Champions". This is a valuable source of information which is available free to members. This limited edition book and it’s inserts are highly regarded by many in the breed worldwide.

Join the South of England Irish Setter Club

If you wish to join the South of England Irish Setter Club then download, print and complete our membership application form. When completed please mail to the address at the bottom of the form.

In applying to join the South of England Irish Setter Club you are confirming that you have read and agree to abide by the club's rules and code of ethics. These are included below.



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All members of the South of England Irish Setter Club undertake to abide by its general rules and regulations.


Club Members:

1)         Will properly house, feed, water and exercise all dogs under their care and arrange for appropriate veterinary attention if and when required.

2)         Will agree without reservation that any veterinary surgeon performing an operation on any of their dogs which alters the natural                  conformation of the animal, or who carries out a caesarean section on a bitch,  may report such operation to the Kennel Club.

3)         Will agree that no healthy puppy will be culled. Puppies which may notconform to the Breed Standard should be placed in suitable homes.

4)         Will abide by all aspects of the Animal Welfare Act.

5)        Will not create demand for, nor supply, puppies that have been docked  illegally.

6)         Will agree not to breed from a dog or bitch which could be in any way be  harmful to the dog or to the breed.

7)         Will not allow any of their dogs to roam at large or to cause a nuisance  to neighbours or those carrying out official duties.

8)         Will ensure their dogs wear properly tagged collars and will be kept leashedor under effective control when away from home.

9)       Will clean up after their dogs in public places or anywhere their dogs are being exhibited.

10)     Will only sell dogs where there is a reasonable expectation of a happy and

healthy life and will help with the re-homing of a dog if the initial circumstances change.

11)     Will supply written details of all dietary requirements and give guidance concerning responsible ownership when placing dogs in a new home.

12)      Will ensure that all relevant Kennel Club documents are provided to the new

Owner when selling or transferring a dog, and will agree, in writing, to forward any relevant documents at the earliest opportunity, if not immediately available.

13)      Will not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers or

directly or indirectly allow dogs to be given as a prize or donation in a competition of any kind. Will not sell by sale or auction Kennel Club registration certificates as stand alone items (not accompanying a dog)

14)     Will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed nor falsely advertise dogs nor mislead any person regarding the health or quality of a dog.

15)     Members should when engaged in competitive events with their dogs conduct themselves in such a way as not to bring discredit to the breed or club and should demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

16)     Before breeding a litter, serious and equal consideration should be given to temperament, health and soundness of both parents of the proposed litter and in particular the facilities and time available to the breeder.

17)      Members should ensure that all stock from which they breed shall be registered with the Kennel Club and also that such stock should be tested for

hereditary defects, where such testing is available. All breeding should be aimed at the improvement of the breed.

18)      Stud dog owners should use discretion in determining the extent of use of their dogs. Requests for stud services should be the subject of very careful consideration, with regard to the health of the bitch and the conditions under which her litter would be reared.

19)     No bitch should be bred from at successive seasons unless a period of more than twelve months has elapsed. No bitch should be mated before the age of 24 months nor whelp after the age of 8 years. Before any bitch is mated, due regard should be given to her general condition, fitness, temperament and, in the case of second or subsequent litters, her previous breeding history. If surgical intervention has been required for a previous litter, veterinary advice should be taken and followed.

20)      Prospective purchasers of puppies should be carefully interviewed and assessed for their suitability and should be fully advised of the characteristics of the Irish Setter as a breed, stressing the necessity for care and attention, grooming and exercise. Puppies should not be sold to homes where they will  be left on their own all day.

21)      It should be impressed upon buyers that they should contact the breeder in  event of any problem arising with the puppy. Breeders should make every effort to be of assistance in these circumstances. They should also be prepared to give advice on the future rearing of the puppies and warn buyers of any hereditary defects that become apparent in that litter at a future date.

22)      Should the committee of the club (supported by professional advice) seek assistance and co-operation of breeders in eradicating a hereditary complaint or illness from the breed, it is expected that breeders would  co-operate fully with the committee by providing such support and/or information as may be requested.  

       Breach of these provisions may result in expulsion from club membership under Rule 9, and /or disciplinary action by the Kennel Club and/or reporting to the relevant authorities for legal action, as appropriate.

                                                                                             January 2009



1.       NAME                   The Club shall be called:-

                                       The South of England Irish Setter Club

2.       OBJECTIVES         The objects of the Club shall be:

            (a)       To promote general canine welfare

            (b)       To encourage the breeder of the Irish Setter in accordance with the Breed Standard

            (c)        To hold Shows and other activities to achieve these objectives.

3.       MEMBERS

The Club shall consist of President, Vice President, Chairman, Hon.Secretary and Hon. Treasurer and a Committee of not more than twelve and an unlimited

number of members. The Club must send a list of members and addresses to the Kennel Club with the Annual Returns, and if so required make an up to date list of members available for inspection by the Kennel Club and members of the Club.


The management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Committee of whom 4 shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election. The President, Vice President,Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall be ex officio members of the committee.

The three principal officers will stand down by rote, one each year, offering themselves for re-election if they so wish.

A quorum for Committee Meetings shall be six.

Committee meetings shall be held as often as deemed necessary.

The Chairman to have a casting vote whenever necessary.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members on to the Committee in the event of positions becoming vacant between General Meetings.

Those co-opted shall only hold office until the next General Meeting of the Club at which an election of Officers and Committee takes place.

No individual who has been a member for less than 2 consecutive years may be elected onto the Committee.

No individual who has been a Committee member for less than the previous 12 months may be elected as a Principal Officer.

No Officer or Committee member shall be an Officer or Committee member of any other Irish Setter Breed Club.

The President and Vice President shall be elected by the Committee and shall remain in office during his or her pleasure.

No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee of or hold any other office or appointment within a Kennel Club Registered Society.

The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are to receive an Honorarium to be reviewed by members at the A.G.M.

The Committee shall be empowered to deduct and construe any ambiguity or difference of opinion concerning the purpose of intentions of these rules, and to deal with any matter not expressly provided for therein. In all other cases the Kennel Club shall be the final authority for interpreting the Rules and Regulations of the Club.

Any Committee member missing three consecutive meetings without good reason, in the opinion of the Committee shall no longer be deemed a Committee member.

5.       FINANCE

The annual Subscription shall be such amount as agreed by members in General Meeting and notified to the Kennel Club.

Subscriptions are due on 1st December each year and should be paid by 28th February (i.e. within 3 months) to maintain continuous membership. No member shall be allowed to avail himself/herself of the privliges of membership until his/her subscription for the current year is paid.

Senior Citizens and Junior Members to have reduced rates.

Junior Membership is open to all those under 17 years of age. They will not have voting rights.

All revenue is to be paid into the Club’s Banking Account. Cheques to have two out of three Officers’ signatures.

The Auditors to be appointed at the A.G.M.


The A.G.M. shall be held between 1st January and 25th March for the purpose of receiving the Committee’s Report and |Balance Sheet, duly audited and to discuss any resolution duly placed on the agenda of which prior notice has been given to the Secretary in writing at least 42 days before the day of the A.G.M. No business shall be conducted at the A.G.M. unless notice thereof appears on the agenda with the exception of routine matters or those which in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting shall be given in writing, to all members by the Hon. Secretary.

The Committee shall have the power to call a Special Extraordinary General Meeting as often as the Committee deems appropriate S.G.M.’s must be called whenever the written request to hold such a meeting is made to the Hon. Secretary, signed by 20 members. Such written request must state the purpose for which said meeting is to be called. No other business than that which is stated in the Agenda shall be permitted at any S.G.M. At least 14 clear days notice shall be given by the Hon. Secretary or Chairman as to the time, place and business of such meeting.


The Officers and Committee of the South of England Irish Setter Club shall be elected by members by way of postal ballot. Any two members may nominate and second a candidate for election providing they are fully paid up members of the club for the preceeding year. Nominees must be members for two consecutive years prior to being elected onto the committee. All nominations signed by the proposer, seconder and nominee must be received by the Secretary not later than 4 calendar months preceeding the date of the A.G.M.

Voting papers shall be despatched to all fully paid up members for the preceeding year to the date of the A.G.M.

Voting papers to be returned to the independent scrutineer appointed by the committee two calendar months before the date of the A.G.M. The results of the election shall be notified by the Secretary at the time of the agenda is circulated for the A.G.M. and the elected Officers and Committee shall take office at the A.G.M.

8.       CLUB ASSETS

The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee.


Any member who shall be suspended under Kennel Club Rule A42 (5) and/or any Member whose dog(s) is/are disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A42 (9) shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Society.

If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the Club be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or the interest of the Club, the Committee of the Club may, at a meeting the notice convening which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Club shall be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel him/her.

Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused Member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the Meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If at that Meeting, a resolution to expel is passed by a two thirds majority of the Members present and voting, his/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of Members, and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a Member of the Club, except that he/she may within two calendar months from the date of such meeting, appeal to the Kennel Club, upon and subject to, such conditions as the Kennel Club may impose.

Subject to the foregoing no member so expelled shall have any claim against the South of England Irish Setter Club, or be entitled to repayment of any part of the subscription and shall forthwith return to the South of England Irish Setter Club,are in the possession of the member at the of expulsion.

If the Club expels any member to discreditable conduct in connection with dogs, dog shows or trials, the Club will report the matter in writing to the Kennel Club within seven days and supply particulars required.


The Committee shall be empowered to recommend any individual for the Honorary Life Membership and which should be approved by the A.G.M. for special services rendered to the South of England Irish Setter Club, the names of whom are to be printed on all schedules and catalogues issued by the South of England Irish Setter Club for each of its shows.


In the event of the dissolution of the South of England Irish Setter Club, every effort will be made to return all designated cups

and trophies to the donors and any remaining cups and trophies be dealt with under the discretion of the Kennel Club.

After payment of debts and liabilities, any remaining assets shall be liquidated and the proceeds donated to a deserving charity, canine or otherwise, as members deem fit at a special meeting.

A final statement of audited accounts with a record of the disposal of the property of the Club shall be forwarded to the Kennel Club

within six months and the persons named as Officers and Committee of the Club on the last return furnished to the Kennel Club,

will be held responsible by the Kennel Club for the proper winding up of the Club.


The Club shall not join any federation of Societies or Clubs.


The Officers acknowledge that during the months of January each year Maintenance of Title fee will be forwarded to the Kennel Club by the Secretary for continuance of registration and by 31st July each year, other returns, as stipulated in the Kennel Club Regulations

for the Registration and Maintenance of Title of Societies and Breed Councils and the Affiliation of Agricultural Societies and Municipal Authorities, will be forwarded to the Kennel Club. The Officers also acknowledge their duty to inform the Kennel Club of any change of Secretary of the Club which may occur during the course of the year.


Members shall comply with the terms of the codes of practice in relation to P.R.A. and C.L.A.D. agreed between the breed clubs, and with the Kennel Club, designed to identify, control and/or eliminate these conditions. Such compliance will include the publication of the DNA test.


The club may have a Code of Ethics.

16      None of the foregoing Rules and Regulations shall be altered or any new rules adopted except at an A.G.M. or S.G.M. of the Club, and the notice of any proposed alterations, or additions, shall not be brought into force until the Kennel Club has been advised and given its approval to the alterations.



The Kennel Club shall be the final court of appeal in all matters of dispute.                                                 Amended March 2008