Championship Show- 9th January 2005

9 Jan 2005
Best In Show: 
Best In Show Reddins Quiz Mr & Mrs J F S Smith
Dog CC Reddins Quiz Mr & Mrs M Launchbury
Res Dog CC Caskeys Vaugely Scottish JW Mr & Mrs R Heron
Bitch CC Morchale Highlander * Mr & Mrs J F S Smith
Res Bitch CC Sh Ch Shenanagin That's It To Karidell Mr & Mrs B Limpus
Best Puppy Bambarella Freedom Mr & Mrs D R Weller
Best Veteran Sh Ch Shenanagin That's It To Karidell Mr & Mrs B Limpus
Judges  Mr D Bell (Bitches), Mrs L Richardson (Dogs)  

* 3rd CC Sh Ch Subject to KC Confirmation


Bitch CC & BIS Reddins Quiz (2nd CC)

CC Dog & Best In Show Reddins Quiz (L)
CC Bitch & Res Best In Show  Morchale Highlander JW (R)

Best Veteran Sh Ch Shenanagin That's It To Karidell (L)
Best Puppy In Show Bambarella Freedom(R)

Minor Puppy Dog ( 12Entries,  2 Abs)
1st:   Caskeys Concept At Aoibheannes (Ciechonska)
2nd:  Delsanto Isaac (Sheldon)
3rd:   Shanoah Jump To It (Pullen & Atkin)
Res:  Glenvarna Sungold (Swainston)
VHC: Burrenmist Hot Shot (Kniveton)
HC:   Caskeys Charlie Brown (Brown)
C:      Summergate Maidby Magic (Hyslop)
Minor Puppy Bitch ( 14 Entries, 3 Abs)
1st:    Littleplea Lady Guinevere At Barnellin (Penny)
2nd:  Brabrook Shazana At Gungoer (Highton)
3rd:   Fernstart Irish Melody Rhapsody (Box)
Res:  Riqitta Attraction (Waddell)
VHC: Red Red Wine In Deneil (Walters & Wilkins) 
HC:    Goldings Another Velvet (Horrocks)
C:       Bluesprings Zaffre (Williamson
Puppy Dog ( 10 Entries,  0 Abs)
1st:   The Pearlfisher of Strathmead (Frampton)
2nd:  Romarne Justified (Muir)
3rd:   Kespas Infraded (Stockton)
Res:  Covarney Brings Verdi To Stourford (Needs, Ginger, Condron)         
VHC: Orlanset Smooth Operator (Hemmings)
HC:   Bambarella Fantasy (Clark)
C:      Corranroo Starsnstripes Over Penwyn (Pallister)
Puppy Bitch (20 Entries, 2 Abs)
1st:    Bambarella Freedom (Weller)
2nd:   Reddins Anoushka (Smith)
3rd:    Littleplea Lady Guinevere At Barnellin (Penny)
Res:   Barleydale Honeymoon (Dowie)

VHC:  Wickenberry Gem (Quin)
HC:     Anlory Ophelia (Cooper)
C:        Romarne Jasmine (Sheldon & Muir)
Junior Dog ( 6 Entries,  1 Abs)
1st:   Scotselaw Jackson At Lynwood (Mugford)
2nd:  Redclyst Nickknack of Softlan (Gregory)
3rd:   Colanme Wizard of Oz (Roberts & Murray)
Res:  Avacet Christmas Cracker At Rickashel
VHC: Avacet Christmas Spirit (Evans)
HC: ---
C: ----
Junior Bitch (16 Entries, 9 Abs)
1st:   Gracewood True Magic JW (Douthwaite & Wharfe)
2nd:  Avacet Christmas Wish (Wilkins)
3rd:   Porschet Forever Amber (Tuite)
Res:  Covarney Bliss (Bailey & Condron)
VHC: Covarney Orianna (Symons)
HC:    Pearlblush Wine From Strathmead (Thwaites)
C:       Seatamarisk Moondancer (Pine)
Special Yearling Dog ( 12 Entries, 3 Abs)
1st:   Kirkavagh Stravinsky (Richardson)
2nd:  Danaway Discreet (Holley)
3rd:   Reddins Tillerman (Smith)
Res:  Goldings Casanova (Evans)
VHC: Danaway Destiny (Lorrimer)
HC:    Brabrook Red Shadow (Tovey)
C:       Lunaline Sergeant Peppers (Davies)
Special Yearling Bitch ( 16 Entries,  4 Abs)
1st:     Glennara Klipspringer JW (Hall)
2nd:    Kirkavagh Jumilla (King)
3rd:     Brabrook Red Rose (Drinkwater)
Res:    Jonola Liberty X (Hillocks)
VHC:   Rua Primavara (Tuite)
HC:      Harreds Jessica By Amberlight (Brady)
        Bluesprings Skylark JW (Williamson)
Special Beginners Dog ( 0 Entries,  Abs)
1st:   ---
2nd:  ---
3rd:   ---
Res:  ---
VHC: ---
HC:    ---
C:       ---
Special Beginners Bitch ( 1Entry)
1st:      Little Blackpearl From Strathmead (Stevenson)
2nd:     ---
3rd:      ---
Res:    ---
VHC:    ----
HC:       ---
C:           ---
Maiden Dog ( 4 Entries,  1 Abs)
1st:  The Pearlfisher of Strathmead (Frampton)
2nd: Romarne Justified (Muir)
3rd:  Kespas Infraded (Stockton)
Res: ---
VHC: ---
HC:   ---
C:      ---
Maiden Bitch ( 11Entries, 5 Abs)
1st:    Avacet Christmas Wish (Elkins)
2nd:   Bambarella Freedom (Weller)
3rd:    Porchet Forever Amber (Tuite)
Res:   Romarne Jessica (Nevitt)
 Konakakela Eowyn At Perrylidh (Meekings)
HC:     Cheveney Somebody To Love At Tardelli
C:        ----
Novice Dog (6 Entries, 1 Abs)
1st:   Romarne Justified (Muir)
2nd:  Riqitta Hussard Collonges (Black)
3rd:   Colanme Wizard of Oz (Roberts & Murray)
Res:  Kespas Infraded (Stockton)
VHC: Covarney Conquistador At Teramour (Rodda)
Novice Bitch ( 18 Entries,  8 Abs)
1st:      Avacet Christmas Wish (Elkins)
2nd:     Bambarella Freedom (Weller)
3rd:      Romarne Jessica (Nevitt)
Res:     Harreds Bridie (Paterson)
HC:      Covarney Bliss (Bailey & Condron)
C:         Clereleys Luck Be A Lady (Cartwright)
Undergraduate Dog ( 14Entries,  1 Abs)
1st:   Kirkavagh Stravinsky (Richardson)
2nd: Covarney Cruiser (Condron & Symons)
3rd:  Barleydale Lumiere (Edwards)
Res: Kirkavagh Shardari (Gargrave)
VHC:Erinade Orlando (Northend)
HC:  ---
C:    ---
Undergraduate Bitch ( 11 Entries, 1 Abs)
1st:     Heathclare Magic Moments JW (Prangle)
2nd:    Harreds Bridie (Paterson)
3rd:     Kirkavagh Neolanta Glennara (Hall)
Res:    Margretwoods Betty Boop (Jacob)
VHC:   Volanme Jessica Jane At Gungoer (Highton)
HC:      Clereleys Luck Be A Lady (Cartwright)
C:         Clonageera Rhapsody (Meadows)
Graduate Dog ( 9 Entries,  3 Abs)
1st:    Danaway Discreet (Holley)
2nd:  Caspians Disraeli JW (Willett)
3rd:   Brinara Indus JW Berry & Morris)
Res:  Braidmount Gentle Guy At Amberlight JW (Lucas)
VHC: Glenvarna Tiberius (Swainston)
HC:    Shaytell Andante (Fauvrelle)
C: ---
Graduate Bitch ( 15 Entries,  3 Abs)
1st:      Reddins Bobbin (Smith)
2nd:     Lynwood Strands of Silk At Sandstream JW          
3rd:      Braidmount Geisha Girl (Hunter & Brown)
Res:     Anlory Buzz (Cooper)
VHC:    Danaway Milydia (Frampton)
HC:       Glennara Fleur De Mai JW (Hall)
C:          Caskeys Vermillion At Bluesprings (Williamson)
Post Graduate Dog ( 12 Entries,  Abs)
1st:   Barnellin Alchymist (Penny)
2nd: Caskeys Persuader Fom Amberlight (Lucas)
3rd:  Springle Nereus (Spence)
Res: Mrochale Gladerunner (Phillips & Gristwood)
VHC:Scarletti The O'Hara (Pike)
HC:   Kerryfair Cruzsanta (O'Callaghan)
C:      Covarney Crusader JW (Mortimer)
Post Graduate Bitch ( 20 Entries, 3 Abs)
1st:      Withersdale Ivy (Sones)
2nd:     Karidell Endless Kiss JW
3rd:      Romarne Melinda JW (Muir)
Res:     Gracewood Show Stopper (Douthwaite & Wharf)
VHC:    Caskeys Vivacious (Heron)
HC:       Fernstart Winter Charm (Box)
C:          Lynwood Sealed With A Kiss JW (Mugford)
Minor Limit Dog ( 4 Entries, 1 Abs)
1st:   Corriecas Bellini (Levick)
2nd:  Brabrook True Blade JW (Drinkwater) 
3rd:   Lochlorien Inspector Morse (Stevenson)
Res:  Avacet Allrounder (Simpson)
VHC:  ----
HC:    ----
C:       ---
Minor Limit Bitch ( 5 Entries, 2 Abs)
1st:       Glennara Moonlight Shadow At Dilvagem JW     
2nd:      Brinara Backseat Driver (Berry & Morris)
3rd:       Covarney Carra Bella Of Westridge (Symons)
Res:      ---
VHC:     ---
HC:        ---
C:           ---
Mid Limit Dog (  6 Entries, 1 Abs)
1st:    Covarney Monello JW (Bailey)
2nd:  Gwendariff Moet Chandon (Meadows)
3rd:   Teramour Happy-Go-Lucky (Rodda)
Res:  Suteresett Billionair Bear (Hockley & Gisby)
VHC: Eringold Connlaoi (Graydon)

HC: ---
Mid Limit Bitch ( 8 Entries, 3 Abs)
1st:        Bluebyeyou Mystic Shirazi (Mortimer)
2nd:      Crynillis Moondust Over Lunaline (Davies)
3rd:       Avacet All The Way (Elkins)
Res:      Brabrook Waikiki Roamancer (Drinkwater)
VHC:     Wendover Lolita (O'Callighan) 
HC:        ---
C:           ---
Limit Dog ( 7 Entries, 0 Abs)
1st:    Morchale Highlander JW (Launchbury)
2nd:  Caskeys Vaguely Scottish JW (Heron)
3rd:   Thendara Maverick (Hyslop)
Res:  Tardelli The Wanderer (Ringe)
VHC: Karidell Connoisseuer (Lorrimer)
HC:    Covarney Teak Me To The Top Vis Stourford
           (Needs & Ginger)
C:       Dunnygask Discovery At Caervista (Vincent &
Limit Bitch ( 15 Entries,  4 Abs)
1st:        Reddins Quizz (Smith)
2nd:      Withersdale Kupola (Kavanagh)
3rd:       Karridell Kiss N Tell (Limpus) 
Res:      Covarney Juniper of Gracewood (Douthwaite                &  Wharfe)
VHC:     Margretwoods Perfect Day (Wilkins)

HC:        Danaway Clara Belle (Warner)
C:           Serrula Angelina (Proctor)
Open Dog ( 5 Entries, 3 Abs)
1st:   Sh Ch Popeswood Pie In The Sky At Birguma
2nd:  Sh Ch Orstone Interceptor (Kniveton)
3rd:    ----
Res:  ----
VHC: ----

HC:   ----
C:       ----
Open Bitch ( 6 Entries,  0 Abs)
1st:        Sh Ch Follidown Red Hot Poker JW (Townsend)
2nd:       Sh Ch Aoibheannes Piaffe JE (Ciechonska)
3rd:        Sh Ch Romarne Melissa JW (Muir)
Res:       Lynwood Promises Promises To  Gimaroch            (Mugford)      
VHC:       Twoacres Kittiwake At Glenvarna (Swainston)
HC:          Sh Ch Covarney Cara Mine At Teramour    (Rodda)
C:             -----
Veteran Dog ( 5 Entries, 3 Abs)
1st:   Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Amberlight Firecracker JW
2nd:  Sh Ch Bai Breeze Bi Thendara (Abbott & Milligan-              Bott)
3rd:   ---
Res:  ---
VHC: ---
HC:    ---
C:       ---
Veteran Bitch ( Entries,  Abs)
1st:         Sh Ch Shenanigan Thats It To Karridel (Limpus)
2nd:        Sh Ch Delsanto Eleanor of Jennison (Wharton)
3rd:         Sh Ch Laggan Shoshoni Maiden (Hunter & Brown)
Res:        Lochlorien Sunrise (Stevenson)
VHC:       Wyldfire Eileanoir of Eringold (Graydon)
HC:          Siochanna Enniskerry Erina (Byrne)
C:             ----
Sunday, January 9, 2005