28 May 2017
Best In Show: 



Judge: Mrs Bonnie Scougall (Shannas)















BVIS & BVD LANDSCOT GOING FOR GOLD - Mr & Mrs H. Millan - Handled by Olivia Henson

Reserve Best Dog: DELSANTO SNOW STORM - Shaun Nicholls
Best Puppy Dog: KONAKAKELA JUST JACOB - Steph Harris
Best Veteran Dog: LANDSCOTT GOING FOR GOLD Mr & Mrs H. Millan - Handled by Olivia Henson 
Minor Puppy Dog
1st  Konakakela Just Jacob
2nd Swiftlark Second Thoughts
Puppy Dog
1st Swiftlark Second Thoughts
Junior Dog
1st Riverbrue Altissimo At Aoibheanne
2nd Covarney Everyone Knows
Yearling Dog
1st Strathmead Huckleberry
Maiden Dog
No entries
Novice Dog
1st Riverbrue Altissimo At Aoibheanne
Debutant Dog
No entries
Undergraduate Dog
1st Riverbrue Altissimo At Aoibheanne 
2nd Kerrydown Odds On
3rd Gwendariff D'Ya Fancy A Fling With Covarney
Graduate Dog
1st Sandstream Just A Breeze
2nd Covarney Flapjack
3rd Romarne Under Orders J.W.
Post Graduate Dog
1st Covarney Macaroon
2nd Harreds Harlie Of Blaysdell 
3rd Lindenjo Mallard
Limit Dog
1st Amblin's Sweet William
Open Dog
1st Delsanto Snow Storm
2nd Millcroft Chase The Moon To Shanoah 
Veteran Dog
1st Landscott Going For Gold
2nd Blaysdell Kieran
3rd Teramour Going For Gold
Best Bitch: SANDSTREAM WELCOME BREEZE J.W. - Sandy Waterton
Reserve Best Bitch: IXIA EVER HOPEFUL - Hannah Bouttell
Best Puppy Bitch: IXIA RAINBOW BRITE - Hannah Bouttell
Best Veteran Bitch: Sh Ch LYNWOOD KISSED BY AN ANGEL AT SANDSTREAM J.W. ShCM - Sandy Waterton
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Ixia Rainbow Brite
2nd Swiftlark Second Nature
3rd Konakakela Jemimah
Puppy Bitch
1st Ixia Rainbow Brite
2nd Swiftlark Second Nature
3rd Heathclare Liberty At Crosswest
Junior Bitch
1st Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara 
2nd Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet
3rd Covarney Everlasting Love At Bluebyyou 
Yearling Bitch
1st Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara
2nd Polmennor Spinning Moons
3rd Covarney Li'l Diva
Maiden Bitch
1st Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara 
2nd Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet
3rd Covarney Li'l Diva
Novice Bitch
1st Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara 
2nd Twoacres Promise Of Spring With Avacet
3rd Covarney Li'l Diva
Debutant Bitch
1st Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara
2nd Polmennor Spinning Moons
Undergraduate Bitch
1st Riverbrue Ophelia At Glennara 
2nd Polmennor Spinning Moons 
3rd Twoacres Grand Cocotte 
Graduate Bitch
1st Sandstream Summer Breeze
2nd Teramour Lady In Red
3rd Swiftlark First Edition
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Sandstream Welcome Breeze
2nd Millcroft Bubbling Moon
3rd Lynwood Full Of Grace At Polmennor 
Limit Bitch
1st Clonageera Walk In The Sun
2nd Kerrydown Octavia 
Open Bitch
1st Ixia Ever Hopeful 
2nd Twoacres Luck Be A Lady
3rd Ireleith Conchitta Avec Teramour 
Veteran Bitch
1st Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel At Sandstream J.W. ShCM
2nd Satlas Bleau Eyes
3rd Blaysdell Miss Nuala
4th Settaside Jelly Bean


1st Ms Fox's Brace
2nd Mrs Kennedy Sloane's Brace
3rd Mr & Mrs Rodda's Brace



South of England Irish Setter Club held an open show where BIS was Sandstream Welcome Breeze; RBIS, Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne; & BP, Ixia Rainbow Brite.

My thanks to the committee of SOEISC for the invitation to judge, exhibitors for the opportunity to assess their dogs & to my hardworking, efficient stewards. The weather was good allowing judging to take place in a spacious outdoor grass ring providing ample opportunity for the exhibits to get into a good stride; movement did let a lot of very nice exhibits down & they had to pay the price.

MPD (2) 1 Konakakela Just Jacob, attractive head with pleasing expression, good bone, only 7 months but very collected on the move for his age, reachy neck, balanced with nice outline. BPD; 2 Swiftlark Second Thoughts, nice baby but needs time as he is at the rangy stage of development, which is reflected in his movement so he was not quite as together on the move as 1 at the moment. PD (1) 1 S Second Thoughts. JD (2) 1 Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne, such an eyecatching, quality youngster with super expression from dark eyes & correct earset in well shaped head, everything fits together correctly giving a balanced outline & he is a joy to go over with his good shoulder placement, well sprung deep ribs, correct topline, powerful hindquarters giving sound, driving movement. Excellent type & great condition, an exciting prospect with a lot of promise. Obviously still has some maturing to do but he impressed me enough to award him BD, RBIS; 2 Covarney Everyone Knows, well presented, appealing youngster with nice head, good shoulder, topline & quarters. YD (1) 1 Strathmead Huckleberry, good sized, unexaggerated dog presented in nice condition, good shoulders, decent head & expression. ND (1) 1 R Altissimo at A. UGD (4) 1 R Altissimo at A; 2 Kerrydown Odds On, mature 3 year old with pleasing head & expression, good bone, went well using his hindquarters to advantage; 3 Gwendariff D'Ya Fancy A Fling with Covarney. GD (6) 1 Sandstream Just A Breeze, masculine head, good type, sound front construction, good topline & well angulated quarters, nice coat & condition; 2 Covarney Flapjack, attractive balanced male in good condition, well constructed with strong bone, strong hindquarters used well on the move; 3 Romarne Under Orders. PGD (3) 1 Covarney Macaroon, litter brother to second in GD, so unsurprisingly similar remarks apply, soundly constructed, good substance with strong quarters; 2 Harreds Harlie of Blaysdell, pleasing construction, acceptable head; 3 Lindenjo Mallard. LD (1) 1 Amblin's Sweet William, good balanced racy outline, reachy neck, nice lay back of shoulder, good front & quarters, an elegant handsome dog but just lacked any enthusiasm on the move. OD (3) 1 Delsanto Snow Storm, pleasing type, strong & balanced construction, in excellent coat & condition, attractive head proportions with appealing expression, strong bone. RBD; 2 Millcroft Chase The Moon to Shanoah, everything in the right place, soft expression, masculine, another who was just not giving his all moving; 3 Lynwood Lark In The Dark. VD (3) 1 Landscott Going For Gold, unexaggerated dog, attractive head with nice gentle expression & correct earset, good outline, balanced proportions with correct angulations front & rear, happy & animated on the move. BV; 2 Blaysdell Keiran, another honest dog of good type with pleasant head & good overall balance & construction; 3 Teramour Going For Gold.

MPB (3) 1 Ixia Rainbow Brite, very attractive balanced puppy, such a sweet quizzical expression from her dark well shaped eye, good reach of neck set into well laid shoulders, correct body length with the right amount of rib & depth for her age, nice bend of stifle, good tailset, so collected & accurate on the move for a baby, all being well will have a promising future. BPB, BP; 2 Swiftlark Second Nature, another nice baby with a lot to offer; 3 Konakakela Jemimah. PB (3) 1 I Rainbow Brite; 2 S Second Nature; 3 Heathclare Liberty at Crosswest. JB (8) 1 Riverbrue Ophelia at Glennara, litter sister to my BD & she shares many of his qualities, excellent type with good overall balance, appeals in head & expression, nice coat & condition, moves on a nice even stride holding her topline with good tail carriage; 2 Twoacres Promise Of Spring with Avacet, feminine head, well proportioned body, unlucky to meet winner in such good form; 3 Covarney Everlasting Love at Bluebyeyou. YB (7) 1 R Ophelia at G; 2 Polmennor Spinning Moons, pretty head with pleasant expression, good front, ribs & quarters for age, but still needs to tighten in movement; 3 Covarney Li'L Diva. MB (5) & NB  (5) 1 R Ophelia at G; T Promise Of Spring with A; 3 C Everlasting Love at B. DB (3) 1 R Ophelia at G; 2 P Spinning Moons. UGB (4) 1 R Ophelia at G; 2 P Spinning Moons; Twoacres Grand Cocotte. GB (3) Nice class with 3 quality bitches. 1 Sandstream Summer Breeze, lovely for type & elegance, a quality feminine bitch, sound construction is reflected in her movement; 2 Teramor Lady In Red, pushed winner hard & could change places on another day, another type attractive bitch with all the essentials & very nice outline; 3 Swiftlark First Edition. PGB (3) 1 Sandstream Welcome Breeze, litter sister to GB winner, eyecatching in outline & body proportions, super head & expression, excellent head proportions with dark eyes, great front angulation correctly balanced by rear, well ribbed, gently sloping topline, in nice coat & well muscled - something that was lacking in some exhibits - when she got into her stride, she moved very well. BB, BIS; 2 Millcroft Bubbling Moon, feminine head & pretty expression, dark eyes, good neck & shoulder, well bent stifle, went well; 3 Lynwood Full Of Grace at Polmennor. LB (2) 1 Clonageera Walk In The Sun, substantial bitch yet still elegant, nice head & expression, soundly constructed throughout with plenty of heartroom, in super coat & with impressive muscle development allowing powerful movement; 2 Kerrydown Octavia, attractive head with pleasant expression & low set ears, good shoulder & straight front, reasonable bend of stifle, front movement was OK but could be tidier behind. OB (3) 1 Ixia Ever Hopeful, super happy feminine bitch whose tail never stopped, very attractive & in super condition, nice type & quality, lovely head & expression, everything fits together correctly giving an appealing balanced outline, went really well and pushed the PGB winner hard. RBB; 2 Twoacres Luck Be A Lady, another nice bitch with a lot of qualities to admire; 3 Ireleith Conchitta avec Teramour. VB (4) 1 Sh Ch Lynwood Kissed By An Angel at Sandstream, I see she is the dam to the BIS and GB winner, lovely head with sweet expression, nice type, very stylish & elegant with a racy outline, good front & rear, pleasing movement, pushed hard for BV but the dog had been rested & just had that bit more sparkle & joie de vivre on the move in the challenge.She is certainly a bitch to be very proud of & has produced some lovely daughters. BVB; 2 Satals Bleau Eyes, a couple of years older than 1 & showing her age a little but a nice quality bitch; 3 Blaysdell Miss Nuala. Brace (5) All were very well matched & moved well together making it difficult to split them into order. 1 Fox’s; 2 Kennedy-Sloane's; 3 Rodda's.


Sunday, May 28, 2017